Here are 6 very good reasons to use a mortgage broker instead of just one bank:
1. A Broker will get you the right mortgage for you after a careful evaluation of the products and rates currently available for your specific needs. We want you to have the mortgage that’s right for YOU – not for the lender. No need to make several appointments with different lenders, bringing all your documents to each, and having them all run your credit, ultimately causing your credit score to potentially drop! You can easily send me any necessary documentation ONCE via email or text message. The result of your application will be the most suitable lender for your circumstances, and the best rate possible.
2. Make an appointment when it suits YOU, not the bank… Mortgage brokers will usually answer calls outside normal business hours, even on weekends. AND we will accept text messages. How many banks do you know who will accept texts?? We want to make things as easy and understandable as possible.
3. Let the banks compete for your business! Why just drop it in their lap? You deserve better. You deserve a mortgage professional who will work for you, not the bank. The banks will respect you for that. How many times have I heard a client say, “I have all my business with XYZ Bank so I just thought they would give me the best deal..” The days where the bank manager knew you and had a say in whether or not you were approved for any particular loan, or mortgage, are long gone….. Decisions are often made in a head office in another province. Your bank manager, if you’re lucky enough to know them, often has very little influence. Having all your lending needs satisfied by one bank will not automatically be in your best interests. Often times, other lenders want to win your business, and will offer better rates, or solutions. Let me help you with the process and guide you through.
4. A mortgage broker works with you from start to finish. There are no “Stupid” questions. Do I know how to do your job?? No, of course not. So why does everyone assume they should know how the mortgage application process goes and what they will need to provide. I’m working for you. My job is to educate you if you wish, but at the very least, to make sure the process is as understandable and seamless as possible.
5. Maybe you’ve gotten a mortgage, opened a bank account, or have an RSP at your local bank branch. Then one day you need to talk to your advisor about a question you have, or a situation that’s come up. Surprise! They don’t work there anymore.. Now you’ve got someone brand new, but you had such great rapport with the last person! Well, maybe it’ll work out… But wouldn’t it be nice to have a constant in your financial world? Your mortgage broker! If you have any questions, I’m always here to answer them. And my experience isn’t just in mortgages. I’m happy to share any Financial/Banking knowledge I have with my clients.
6. Mortgage brokers are FREE for any typical mortgage transactions. I have found that many don’t know this, and I’m happy to set the record straight. I am paid by the lender. NOT by you.

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